We introduce to you description of our business as stated below:

1.Lecture of mechanical structure, riding, etc. related to Motorcycle

We teach students fundamental mechanical engineering of motorcycle, vehicle motion, driving, evolution process, etc. in the way easy to understand with use of the related illustrations.,
(Certified instructor: The second-degree instructor of Japanese Motorcycle Sport Association )

2.Safe driving guidance in general road and project management of training session on safe driving

We teach the safe driving operation to motorcycle drivers who belong to companies, motorcycle clubs, etc. in public road.
In some cases, we give contents of lecture close to actual driving with attendance of riding trainers so that all participants can consider how to drive safely and to prevent an accident under defensive driving.

3.Management and operation of events and booths related to two wheels and four wheels

Regarding operation of the events and booths, we are collectively engaged not only in project and management but also in detailed operation and service with the sense of responsibility.
We are able to conduct various surveys at the event sites.

4.Project and management of Non-competitive driving event at circuit and safe driving guidance on test driving meet and driving at circuit

As regards the driving at the circuit, we are in a position not only to manage the test driving meet but also to consider extensively such meet from position of participants and risk management.
In particular, our good experience and knowledge of motorcycle makers, circuit facilities and motorcycle racing field in which we are versed, would be of help surely to you judging from the past performance and successful record.

5.Actual driving test for two wheels, four wheels and their related parts. Motorcycle instructor service

We comply with your request for the actual driving test for two wheels and four wheels, products’ test, motorcycle instructor service, etc. As regards tires, we cannot accept any tire maker except Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. and SRI Group.

6.Arrangements and support work for Motorcycle event and race to be held in Asia region

Arrangements for permission of the use of circuits in Malaysia (Sepang, Johor), Thailand (BIRA at Pattaya), etc.
Export and import arrangements for wheeled vehicles and support work for their local transportation.
Our planning and management are available for the following touring:
☆Touring by motorcycle in Thailand and off-road tour in border areas of Myanmar and Cambodia
☆Malay Peninsula Touring (Touring from Singapore to Bangkok, Thailand through Malaysia)
Now, however, It is not advisable for the above touring because at the present moment, the security situation is poor in the southern province of Thailand.

7.Advice and guidance for planning of new racing course and repair of the existing racing course

Our advice and guidance for designing and planning of racing courses can be offered for you making good use of our experience of construction engineering (road, bridge, plumbing, location survey).
(Certified engineer: Second-degree professional plumbing engineer of The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, etc.)